Frequently Asked Questions

I received an proof card with an access code - how can I order my photos?
If you have received a access card with a personal access code, go to the "Login" page, enter the access code and click on "Open Album."

Is it possible to place a single order for multiple siblings?
Yes! Click on "Enter another password," under the password login. You can enter up to five access codes at the same time. This way you will have access to all available photos.

I received an email with login information - how can I order photos?
After you have placed an order or registered with the online shop, you will receive an email with login credentials. Using your email and the new password, you can use the "Customer Login" to enter your personal gallery, order photos and check the status of your orders.

I have not received/have lost my proof card, what should I do?
We provide all schools with a set of index sheets showing all images taken on photoday. The school can provide you with the necessary reference number shown below the picture and you can then contact us for further assistance.

I have lost my product sheet, what do the numbers on the proof card correspond to?
You can view (or download) our product information sheet here.

I am a separated parent is it possible to obtain an additional proof card?
Yes, this can either be requested at the time on photoday and two proof cards will be issued or alternatively, your school can provide you the your child's image reference number and you can then contact us for further assistance.

Do you offer free delivery back to the school for online orders?
Yes we are able to offer this service for the majority of school orders placed by the deadline date shown on your proof card. Unfortunately not all schools are willing to accept orders back to the school and these orders will have to be returned to your home/work address.

How do I know if my child's school will accept orders back to the school?
If the box showing the Access Code on your proof card is coloured blue then your school is happy to accept orders. If this box is red then all orders have to be posted to your home/work

I have missed the school deadline for returning my proof envelope. Can I still order?
Yes. You can order anytime online at or simply fill in the order envelope as desired and include the late surcharge fee (£5) with payment. Post this directly to us at the address found here and please include your home address.

Is the watermark going to be removed from the image?
Of course! The watermark is only used to protect your work against illegal downloads.

How long will the delivery take?
This will depend upon the method you choose when placing your order:
Orders via school: 10 - 14 working days after the deadline date shown on your proof card.
Orders via website for home delivery: 10 - 14 working days by Royal Mail.
Orders via website for free delivery back to school: 10 - 14 working days after the deadline date shown on your proof card.
Digital download via website order: Within 72 hours.
Orders via telephone: 10 - 14 working days by Royal Mail.
Orders via post: 10 - 14 working days by Royal Mail.

My order has arrived but it is incorrect, who do I contact?
Please contact Customer Services on 023 80773834 ext 2

What do I do if my order arrives damaged?
Please contact Customer Services on 023 80773834 ext 2

Refund & Returns Policy

All orders are bespoke and made-to-order items that contain a unique image/images which are specifically printed/supplied for you. We fulfil each order individually and personalise it to that unique order, so as soon as we start production of your bespoke item/items, we have already invested into the workforce time, ink, paper and/or other materials specifically for your order. 

As such, all orders are non-refundable due to the bespoke nature of the order. These are considered personalised goods made to your specifications and cannot be re-sold to anyone else. As per UK law, the goods cannot be returned or refunded because they were made according to your specifications and were personalised for you. We may, at our discretion, look into other solutions. The exceptions being if your order is faulty or arrives damaged.

If you think you have received a faulty product or a product has arrived damaged we must be contacted within 14 days of receipt. We will likely ask for photos to help with our investigation. If an item is found to be faulty we will either replace it or offer a return/refund. If we are contacted outside of 14 days of receipt the item cannot be returned or refunded. Orders made in error cannot be returned or refunded unless we are notified in writing before the order is processed.

As all products/items ordered are personalised and unique to order, these are never re-saleable, which means that there are some things we advise you to double check before you’ve placed your order:

Check The Year - If you have older images on your account, these may show up in your link as well so please make sure you have the correct/current photograph selected before ordering. The year the photo was taken will be in your album title but if you can’t see it or would prefer written confirmation then please don’t hesitate to contact us first before ordering.

Check The Size – Each Pack and Product contains the photograph size/sizes in inches (“) under “show more details” for the Packs and “size” for Individual Products”. The sizes are also shown under or by the item itself during the preview and checkout stages. Please double check that you have the correct product, size and amounts before ordering.

Check The Image – Depending on the type of shoot and time we’ve been allocated, you’ll likely have more than one image to choose from. Please double check you have the correct image/images in your basket before proceeding to the checkout section.

If in doubt or there’s any queries at all then please don’t hesitate to contact us before completing your order.

I am having problems with the online ordering system what should I do?
If you experience any problems with our ordering system, please ring IT customer services on 023 80773834 ext 4 – during normal office hours. Outside of these hours please use our contact form and we will assist you as soon as possible.

Colour Accuracy Disclaimer

While we always do our best to ensure that our photos are as true to colour as possible, we cannot guarantee that the colour you see on your screen accurately portrays the true colour of the product.

Our preview images, as they appear on a monitor or viewing device (such as your smart phone, tablet or computer etc) may sometimes differ slightly in tone, colour, sharpness, brightness or vividness compared to an actual print. Since the screen itself is a light source, each screen can produce different colours, brightness and resolution. Images can sometimes look brighter and display more vivid colours than they do when they are printed.

Preview images are intended as a guide only and should not be regarded as identical to the final product. Due to differences relating to variable factors such as different viewing devices, studio lighting, natural lighting, chemical printing and personal preferences, we cannot guarantee that the product you receive and those you have viewed as a preview image will be an exact match.

Is it safe to give my credit card details online?
Payments made via the online ordering system are secure. All payments are processed either via Stripe one of the largest suppliers and we accept all major credit cards, debit cards or via Paypal.

I would rather not pay online, is there another way I can pay?
Yes, you can order by contacting us on 023 80773834 ext 2. You will need the name of your child's school, the image ref no (eg ABC_1234) or barcode number that is printed on the proof card. Alternatively we accept orders via the post and these can be paid for by either cheque or postal order. We advise against sending cash through the post. Please include the name of your child's school, the image ref no (eg ABC_1234) or barcode number that is printed on the proof card with your cheque/postal order.